Contact Coll, refill bottle, 500ml

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Contact Coll is an all-purpose acrylic glue for wood, paper, glass, plastic or metal. Dried out glue leaves a sticky surface that allows the objects to be attached and removed a number of times. Can be used for self-made stickers. Wash glue residues of skin with soap and water. Washable from textiles only before drying out.

Product features: gluten-free vegan nut free lactosefree
TARIC Code: 35 06 99 00
EAN: 4019427 72054 1
Shipping weight: 0,58 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 6,00 × 6,00 × 26,00 cm
aqueous dispersion of acrylic acid copolymer, cellulose, caustic soda.
The glue is free from gluten, free from formaldehyde and contain no VOC.
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