The wide variety of our felt-tip pens...
The wide variety of our felt-tip pens have bright colors and can paint on many surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood etc. Water-based non-toxic inks have a faint odor and do not dry out for a long time.

For the very young artist we recommend easy baby felt-tip pen (#72007) and easy aqua-pen, (#72008) with thicker tips.

Ready for some magic? Like with the magic wand you can erase the drawings made by 9+1 felt-tip pens (#72002) or change the color of the magic markers (#72001) using the special pen (#72046). Children will find many ways to use this trick in their games, for example writing secret messages.

The specially designed tip cannot slip inside the pen or bend under pressure. The water-based inks are washable from the most of textiles at 40° C.