wax crayons

 Our nawaro wax crayons are made...
Our nawaro wax crayons are made exclusively from natural non-toxic, food grade ingredients, without petrochemicals! High covering property and good abrasion.

We know, that a large portion of the palm oil is produced in violation of environmental laws and human rights. That is why we have committed ourselves to use for the production of our wax-crayons only palm oil that comes from certified cultivation areas. We have joined the FORUM "Sustainable Palm Oil" not only to demonstrate our commitment, but also to fight for 100% certified palm oil and palm kernel oil available to the German, Austrian and Swiss markets as quickly as possible.

The new generation of nawaro wax crayons will stimulate your imagination and promote creativity. Our wax cones (#70615 - #70616) and mini wax crayons (#73021-#73022) are suitable for small children and people with restricted hand mobility. With our next creation -Wax-Tex crayons- (#76315) you can design your own prints on the T-shirt or shopping bags!

Stearin used in this product derives from palm oil, harvested on regional organic farms. Wrapped in recycled paper. A slight white haze on the wax crayons, the wax bloom, is a proof of quality and indicates a high proportion of pure beeswax.