Terms of delivery and payment


Our non-binding offer is intended for retailers and commercial customers. Prices are net values in EUR, without the legal VAT.


We deliver your order by agreement:
for german customers: minimum net goods value from 200,00 EUR plus the resulting shipping costs. With an order value of less than net 200,00 EUR we charge processing fees of 20,00 EUR.
for international customers: minimum net goods value from 300,00 EUR plus the resulting shipping costs. With an order value of less than net 300,00 EUR we charge processing fees of 20,00 EUR.

Sales Units (VE)

We ask you to pay attention to our sales units (VE), which are printed behind each product.
If individual items are missing in our delivery, they will be delivered only if this is indicated on the invoice or the delivery note. Otherwise we ask for a new order.
The risk is transferred to the customer when the goods leave the factory from which it is supplied.


Changes in the sense of technical improvements as well as alterations of the shape and colour remain reserved.


International customers pay by advance payment, including banking expenses and other financial charges. German customers pay by direct debit, 3 days after delivery. Check payments, payments via credit card or PayPal  are not accepted.

Complaints, warranty and liability

Complaints must be made within a period of 3 days after receipt of the delivery.
In case of justified and timely complaints, we shall, at our discretion and to the exclusion of further claims, be obliged to repair or replace the defected goods. Liability for damages caused by defects shall be excluded, unless caused by us intentionally or through gross negligence.
Any further claims of the customer, other than those mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, shall be excluded, irrespective of their legal grounds, to the extent permitted by law.
Transport-complaints must be reported directly to the transport company.

Return policy

In any case, returns are to be send to us carriage-free, if necessary, we will reimburse the carriage charges. Goods delivered without our consent will be returned at the customer's expense.
For goods, which we have agreed to redeem, we will reimburse the fair value subtracting the charges for reprocessing and a service charge of 10% of the net invoiced value of the goods.

Production orders

For customer-specific orders next to our existing pricelist our special terms and conditions apply.

Legal venue - validity

For all deliveries, exclusively our delivery and payment conditions apply. We cannot recognize deviating regulations of the customer even if we do not explicitly contradict them. With the release of a new price list all previous offers become not valid.

Legal venue, retention of title, data-storage

Legal venue isHalberstadt. All goods remain the property of ökoNORM until your payment is complete. We will not share your data stored and processed by electronic means. The legal invalidity of any term in no way affects the validity of the remaining abovementioned terms and conditions.